Meet Devin

Throughout my life I have had many passions and, until a few years ago, I never knew how to put all those passions together - until I got behind the lens of a camera. My love for people, horses, and helping others build their businesses has all come together through my passion for photography.

I want to bring out the best in others, capture their joys, reveal their beauty during the most special of times and help entrepreneurs display their most authentic selves. Sometimes pictures are all we have to revisit a moment or to show others the things of which we are most proud. I consider it the greatest honor when you allow me to share those experiences with my camera.

The Lord continues to lead me on an incredible journey. He has given me a wonderful husband, the sweetest little boy, two fur children - a crazy cattle dog and a handsome quarter horse - and four crazy chickens (Dolly, Reba, Loretta and Jolene).

Thank you for considering Devin Lynn Photography. I would be humbled at the opportunity to serve you as your photographer and, more importantly, as your friend! If you are interested in learning more about the services I offer or would like to book a photo session, I encourage you to reach out to me directly at

My heart horse

I waited for what felt like my whole life to own my own horse. After years of leasing, I finally got to purchase my own equine partner at the age of 30! Better late than never!

Buddy is a flashy bay quarter horse with a beautiful set of four matching socks.

I fell in love with Buddy quickly and he has been the horse that has pushed me, helping me grow in my horsemanship and my patience.

His favorite things include nose scratches, stealing food from my toddler, performing tricks for treats, and trying to put on his own halter!

Your Session

Anyone can pick up a camera these days. Heck, half of today's phones can capture crisp and stunning photos. I'm not going to sit here and tell you about the best gear I have or how much training I have under my belt because, in all honesty, you're not investing in my gear - you're investing in me and the special moments I can capture for you!

I'm here to make you feel your best, to make you laugh, to get the best angle on your horse, to chase your kiddos, and to help you grow your business through authentic pictures.

All I need you to do is show up. I'm here to help you with poses, to fix your flyaways and tell you what to do with your hands.

So, let's do this already!